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Latin NameCommon NameMapStrataNative?
Acer saccharumsugar mapleYES
Agrimonia parvifloraswamp agrimonyYES
Agrimonia pubescenssoft agrimonyYES
Alliaria petiolatagarlic mustardNO [invasive]
Amphicarpaea bracteatahog peanutYES
Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefoliawood anemoneYES
Arisaema triphyllumJack-in-the-pulpitYES
Asarum canadensewild gingerYES
Asimina trilobapaw paw; pawpawYES
Aster urophyllusarrow-leaved asterYES
Athyrium  ?
Brachyelytrum erectumlong-awned wood grassYES
Cardamine concatenatatoothwort; pepper rootYES
Carex  ?
Carex roseacurly-styled wood sedgeYES
Carya cordiformisbitternut hickoryYES
Celastrus orbiculatusoriental bittersweetNO [invasive]
Circaea lutetiana ssp. canadensisenchanter's nightshadeYES
Cornus racemosagray dogwoodYES
Crataegus mollisdowny hawthornYES
Cryptotaenia canadensishonewortYES
Elaeagnus umbellataautumn oliveNO [invasive]
Elymus hystrix var. hystrixbottlebrush grassYES
Equisetum  ?
Euonymus obovatusrunning strawberry bushYES
Eupatorium rugosumwhite snakerootYES
Fagus grandifoliabeechYES
Fragaria virginianawild strawberryYES
Fraxinus americanawhite ashYES
Galium circaezans var. hypomalacumhairy wild licoriceYES
Geranium maculatumwild geraniumYES
Geum laciniatum var. trichocarpumrough avensYES
Hackelia virginianastickseedYES
Hepatica acutilobasharp-lobed hepaticaYES
Hepatica americanaround-lobed hepaticaYES
Impatiens capensisspotted touch-me-not; orange jewelweedYES
Juglans cinereabutternut; white walnutYES
Lactuca  ?
Laportea canadensiswood nettleYES
Leersia oryzoidesrice cut grassYES
Lilium michiganenseMichigan lily; turk's capYES
Lindera benzoinspicebushYES
Lonicera  ?
Lonicera maackiiAmur honeysuckleNO [invasive]
Maianthemum racemosumfeathery false Solomon's sealYES
Malus  ?
Monotropa unifloraindian pipeYES
Osmorhiza claytoniihairy sweet cicelyYES
Ostrya virginianahop hornbeam; ironwoodYES
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia creeperYES
Persicaria virginianawoodland knotweedYES
Pilea pumilaclearweedYES
Plantago rugeliired-stalked plantainYES
Podophyllum peltatumMay appleYES
Polygonatum biflorumsmooth Solomon's sealYES
Populus deltoideseastern cottonwoodYES
Prenanthes albawhite lettuce; lion's footYES
Prunus serotinawild black cherryYES
Quercus rubrared oakYES
Ribes  ?
Rosa multifloraJapanese rose; multiflora roseNO [invasive]
Rubus allegheniensiscommon blackberryYES
Rubus occidentalisblack raspberryYES
Sambucus canadensiselderberryYES
Sanicula gregariaclustered black snakerootYES
Smilax ecirrhataupright carrion flowerYES
Smilax illinoensisIllinois carrion flowerYES
Smilax tamnoidesbristly green brierYES
Solidago altissimatall goldenrodYES
Solidago caesiablue-stemmed goldenrodYES
Symplocarpus foetidusskunk cabbageYES
Taraxacum officinalecommon dandelionNO
Thalictrum dioicumearly meadow rueYES
Thalictrum thalictroidesrue anemoneYES
Tilia americanabasswood; American lindenYES
Toxicodendron radicanspoison ivyYES
Ulmus rubraslippery elmYES
Viburnum dentatum var. lucidumsmooth arrow-woodNO
Viburnum opulus var. opulusEuropean highbush cranberryNO [invasive]
Viola  ?
Viola pubescensyellow violetYES
Vitis ripariariverbank grapeYES
66 native8 unknown8 nonnative(6 invasive non-native)Species count : 82
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Protected Species Policy
To prevent poaching, NIRMI does not provide the location of any endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species found within any of our plots. All lists, charts, and calculations (richness, FQI, etc.) therefore exclude these species as well.
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