Indian Ridge Marsh
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Latin NameCommon NameMapStrataNative?
Acer negundobox elderYES
Achillea millefoliumyarrow; milfoilYES
Ailanthus altissimatree of heavenNO [invasive]
Alliaria petiolatagarlic mustardNO [invasive]
Ambrosia artemisiifoliacommon ragweedYES
Arctium minuscommon burdockNO [invasive]
Artemisia absinthiumcommon wormwoodNO
Asclepias  ?
Asclepias verticillatawhorled milkweedYES
Asparagus officinalisasparagusNO
Aster pilosushairy aster; frost-weed asterYES
Calamagrostis canadensisblue joint grassYES
Celtis occidentalishackberryYES
Centaurium erythraeacommon centauryNO
Chrysanthemum leucanthemumox-eye daisyNO [invasive]
Cirsium arvensefield thistle; Canada thistleNO [invasive]
Cirsium discolorpasture thistleYES
Convolvulus arvensisfield bindweedNO [invasive]
Crataegus  ?
Daucus carotawild carrot; Queen Anne's laceNO [invasive]
Digitaria  ?
Eupatorium rugosumwhite snakerootYES
Eupatorium serotinumlate bonesetYES
Fragaria virginianawild strawberryYES
Fraxinus pennsylvanicared ashYES
Geum canadensewhite avens; wood avensYES
Gleditsia triacanthoshoney locustYES
Hackelia virginianastickseedYES
Impatiens capensisspotted touch-me-not; orange jewelweedYES
Juniperus virginiana var. virginianared cedarYES
Linaria vulgarisbutter-and-eggs; toadflaxNO [invasive]
Lonicera tataricaTartarian honeysuckleNO [invasive]
Lotus corniculatusbird's foot trefoilNO [invasive]
Lythrum salicariapurple loosestrifeNO [invasive]
Malus baccataSiberian crabNO [invasive]
Medicago lupulinablack medickNO
Mentha arvensiswild mintYES
Morus albawhite mulberryNO [invasive]
Nepeta catariacatnipNO
Panicum virgatumswitch grassYES
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia creeperYES
Pastinaca sativawild parsnipNO [invasive]
Persicaria hydropiperwater pepperYES
Phalaris arundinaceareed canary grassNO [invasive]
Phragmites australiscommon reedNO [invasive]
Phytolacca americanapokeweedYES
Plantago majorcommon plantainNO
Plantago rugeliired-stalked plantainYES
Poa pratensisKentucky blue grassNO [invasive]
Populus deltoideseastern cottonwoodYES
Potentilla simplexcommon cinquefoil; silver common cinquefoilYES
Prunella vulgaris var. lanceolataself heal; carpenter's weedYES
Prunus serotinawild black cherryYES
Ranunculus repenscreeping buttercupNO
Rhamnus catharticacommon buckthornNO [invasive]
Rhamnus frangulaglossy buckthornNO [invasive]
Ribes rubrumred currantNO
Rosa multifloraJapanese rose; multiflora roseNO [invasive]
Rumex obtusifoliusbitter dockNO [invasive]
Sanicula canadensisCanadian black snakerootYES
Saponaria officinalisbouncing bet; soapwortNO [invasive]
Solanum dulcamarabittersweet nightshadeNO [invasive]
Solidago altissimatall goldenrodYES
Solidago gigantealate goldenrodYES
Solidago nemoralisgray goldenrod; gray-stemmed goldenrod; old-field goldenrodYES
Solidago sempervirensseaside goldenrodNO [invasive]
Taraxacum officinalecommon dandelionNO
Toxicodendron radicanspoison ivyYES
Trifolium campestrelow hop cloverNO
Typha x glaucahybrid cattailNO [invasive]
Ulmus pumilaSiberian elmNO [invasive]
Ulmus rubraslippery elmYES
Viola sororiacommon blue violetYES
Vitis ripariariverbank grapeYES
35 native3 unknown36 nonnative(26 invasive non-native)Species count : 74
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Protected Species Policy
To prevent poaching, NIRMI does not provide the location of any endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species found within any of our plots. All lists, charts, and calculations (richness, FQI, etc.) therefore exclude these species as well.
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